Tips For First Time WCUS Attendees

WordCamp US Philadelphia

We asked some seasoned pros among the attendees for their top tips for the new WordPressers who we’ll welcome to WCUS this year. They did not disappoint. Their advice follows:

Get the most out of the WCUS tracks

  • Attend the sessions by speakers who you’d like to ask questions. Catch the rest on later.
  • Plan for some time in the Hallway Track. There will be many fantastic people to chat with in the halls! (The Hallway Track is the name given to the informal conversations that take place outside of the sessions themselves. The chats about WordPress code, content strategies, and more, often between people who have just met each other.)
  • Bring an extra bag to put your swag in. You won’t want to ditch a session just to find somewhere to stash it.
  • Prepare a question for the Q&A section of Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word.
  • Avoid distractions on your devices. Take notes with paper and pen.

Be ready to socialize

  • Talk to everyone!
  • Make an effort to meet new people. (Bring business cards!)
  • Schedule time in advance to chat with folks you’ve been wanting to meet in person.
  • Make it a point to sit with people you don’t know at lunch.
  • Go to the after-party! Even if you prefer quieter places, there will be a place for you.

Take Care of Yourself

  • Dress in layers. There will be (unattended) coat racks.
  • Introverts: plan some quiet time into your schedule. (We have a spot for that!)
  • Bring vitamin C. And wash your hands!
  • Go running (or insert your preferred method of exercise here) each day before WordCamp.
  • Attend the official Yoga for Desk Jockeys session to start your day.

Enjoy your time in Philly

  • Visit different parts of Philly if you can. (Keep an eye out for our guides on what to eat & where to go!)
  • Don’t drive if you don’t have to! Try SEPTA, bicycles, or walking.
  • Stay nearby! The official hotel is very close.
  • Charge your devices before you arrive so you don’t end up wandering around looking for an outlet.
  • Bring an external battery pack to recharge during the day. If you like to live tweet sessions (which we encourage and appreciate!) your phone is going to need a boost.

Top Tip

Believe you belong. You do.

Big thanks to everyone who shared their top tips when we asked on Twitter and Facebook!

Amy Letson, Doug StewartJoe CasabonaJohn ParkinsonKatie ThompsonLauren Pittenger,
Liam DempseyLisa B. SnyderLuke PettwayMatt CromwellMorgan EstesMorten Rand-Hendriksen,
Roberto RemediosRuss SanderlinSal FerrarelloSusan WalkerTara Claeys

Heading to WordCamp US in Philly next week and want to join in on the social media conversation? Check out the #wcus hashtag on Facebook and Twitter. Haven’t signed up yet, but a friend convinced you to go? There’s still time to grab a ticket!