Thank You for a fantastic WordCamp US 2016!

WordCamp US 2016 is officially over and we’re thrilled that so many wonderful people joined us and made the event a great success. We’ll have more wrap-up details soon, but first this one: THANK YOU! WCUS attendees, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors all made it a great place to be this past weekend and we appreciate you all so much.

We aim to improve each year (and repeat the things that work well), so we’ll be asking for your feedback soon. Please be sure to watch for that and share your thoughts.

When the videos of all of the sessions are up, we’ll let you know here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. We know the videos are highly anticipated (because we missed sessions we wish we could’ve seen too!) so you’ll know as soon as we do!

If you missed Matt’s State of the Word, the video is up on WordPress.TV and YouTube right now. Or if you want a quick refresher, we’ve Storifyed the live tweets we shared during SotW here:

For now, why not find a way to apply something you learned about or were inspired by while at WCUS last weekend? If you haven’t yet, jot down some notes about your thoughts, ideas, and the connections you made at the conference. Consider what stood out to you, and take action! Did you go to a session that shared something you’re curious about but have yet to give a try yourself? Get started! Have you been meaning to blog but keep putting it off? Take some of the tips from the content-focused sessions and dive in! Whatever it is, go for it. You never know where it’ll take you, and we’d love to hear about it next year at WCUS in Nashville!

Again, thank you!
-The WordCamp US Organizing Team

5 thoughts on “Thank You for a fantastic WordCamp US 2016!

  1. Thank you, Wordcamp Team – for bringing this awesome event to the good folks at the city of Philadelphia. I learned a lot of pretty specialized information that I certainly couldn’t get anywhere else, met some great people, and found vendors specializing in just what I need for my clients. So thanks, thanks very much!

  2. The organizers did a great job for the amount of people they had to herd. Topics ranged from general to specific; tech geek to inspirational; Yay for Yoast– probably got the most out of seminar from Joost insights and information; Loved talking to the sponsors and vendors. SiteLock saved me. My favorite giveaway: notebooks; favorite surprise: afternoon snack– could have used breakfast bars with the coffee; loved the walk from hotel to site– solid Philly info; Excellent State of the Word AND LOVED, Loved, loved the AfterParty at the National Academy of Science!! Excellent. Details. details. details. Is what makes it work. Also, caring for the volunteers, so they don’t miss a thing. Great job.
    It was great event and I am very happy I decided at the last minute to go for two day getaway. Looking forward to Nashville.

  3. such worldcamps are indeed helpful for US residents to create new contact . Good work! i missed this camp, but i watched your youtube video. Thanks for info and guidance.

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