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Day one is over and it looks like our speakers had a lot of wisdom. Thank you for sharing!

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Tips for First-Time Contributors at WordCamp US

If you’ve never been to a Contributor Day at a WordCamp, you might be a little nervous to make your first appearance at WordCamp US. The name on its own, Contributor Day, can sound like it’s an exclusive club for only those people who have given a lot of time or provide a high level of expertise. I went to my first Contributor Day with very little experience and few expectations for what would happen that day.

What I remember is that it felt like everyone in the room must know everything there was to know about WordPress; otherwise why would they have gone to a Contributor Day?

Here are some pointers for handling the excitement of attending your first Contributor Day:

  1. Open Source takes all sorts – WordPress is an open source project. It’s built, from top to bottom, by the people who offer their time. You don’t have to have a grand plan in order to help. All you need to know is what your skills are and find the team that needs your skills.
  2. Everyone is an expert at something – Don’t measure yourself by the skills of the person next to you. Not only does our community need people with lots of different skills, but even experts started out not knowing anything.
  3. You’ve just finished up two days of WordPress inspiration – Why not round it out by practicing with people who are just as excited about all of this as you are?
  4. Find a buddy – Buddies are easy to find in the WordPress community. If you didn’t bring a friend with you, introduce yourself to a new friend at the table!
  5. Vote with your feet – We have a lot of ways to give back to the WordPress project. With as many teams as we have, it can be hard to know which one will fit you best. If the team you started with doesn’t fit the skills you know you have, wander on to the next one. But don’t discount the awesomeness of learning something new!

As with all WordCamps: Have questions? Just ask! There are helpful volunteers and attendees all around at WordCamp US. If the person you ask doesn’t have the answer, then chances are that they can point you in the right direction.

Contributor Day is included in the price of your WordCamp US ticket. It’s a chance to meet face-to-face with people you work with online or welcome interested new contributors to teams.


Excited About WordCamp US? Bring a Friend!

WordPress is one of those tools that you can learn from the ground up at home (or anywhere you have a computer and some internet). No matter where you are, no matter your current level of technological savvy, WordPress resources are widely available across the internet so that you can level up your skills at your own pace.

With all this ready-to-use training available, you may ask yourself why you should attend a WordCamp.

WordCamps, which are always filled with fabulous content, give you a chance to meet an extensive community of passionate WordPress enthusiasts. Meeting people from your own area who do exactly what you do – whether that’s development, design, or running a full-service agency – can really connect you to what makes WordPress thrive. The community behind WordPress is what makes it so different from other CMS options out there and WordCamp US brings WordPressers from all over North America together to learn, connect, and celebrate.

2015 WordCamp US (photo by Casey Alexander)

Are you excited about WordCamp now? Guess what. I bet you have a friend who would be excited, too. We have at least one person on our own organizing team who feels like they were introduced to WordPress for the first time through a WordCamp. WordCamps, and the WordPress community as a whole, are welcoming and inclusive; we take all kinds here and teach them all about WordPress. 🙂

So what do you say? Bring a friend, Make a friend!

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